11 Tips for Running a Successful Event Registration Table

From an attendee’s perspective, the event registration table is the first point of contact when attending an event. That being said, as an event organizer you always want this crucial first experience to be as seamless as possible. And you probably want to get it right from the get go, right? In this post, we’ve put together are a few ideas you can implement today in order to run a successful event registration table at your next event.

Why is The Event Registration Table So Important?

Event organizers often forget to set up the event registration table properly. But the setup is key and ensures a smooth registration process at the event. Think about it, it’s first point of contact for an attendee and here’s where they meet the event staff and go to get all the necessary information.

The registration desk is the center of all the event-related issues & potential questions. Staff running the registration desk have a huge responsibility and should be ready to have answers to any question that might come up.

Opt for Best-in-Craft Event Registration Software

With cutting edge event technology now readily available everywhere, you have vast options of registration software to choose from.

Most event technology vendors also provide onsite badge printing solutions. Today, most organizers are using different devices to support the check-in, like laptops, printers, tablets & scanners.

For badge printing on site, it’s worth reducing the long queues at the point of  registration by investing in a badge scanning system. This can often reduce the headaches associated with it and provide on-demand badges to the attendees. 

While queuing up, people will most likely ask for lanyards or badge holders in advance. To simplify the process, you can have different queues and offer different lanyard colors to differentiate between attendee categories.

Make Sure Your WiFi Is Strong Enough

If you ever ran into problems trying to connect to the Event Wi-Fi  you know this can make or break your experience. It might be the connection being too weak to manage large crowds or the technology itself. A good Event Wi-Fi experience is crucial. Always make sure you work with a vendor who is used to working with larger crowds indoors.

Today, most event venues provide their own Wi-Fi connection. The question is, will it be strong enough to serve all the attendees or will it fall apart with the first influx of mobile apps and tablets trying to connect?  Meeting planners and attendees expect brilliant internet connectivity and it’s your job to make sure this is a given.

The good news, recent research suggests the inception of the new WiFi 6, which will have much better connectivity and can connect more people at the same time. So definitely keep a look out for this new technology.

Are You Sure You Have Enough Manpower?

Smooth Registration Process

A desk that is fully on brand and has a team of customer experience super heroes working behind it is awesome.

A desk without trained staff and without the right manpower can lead to disasters.

Make sure you appoint enough people at the desk to handle the expected number of guests for the duration of the event. If you decided to use check-in kiosks, always position staff nearby so they’re able to help when help is necessary.

Be Ready For These ‘All-Time-Classic’ Attendee Questions

Also make sure your staff is well aware of the following questions that might come up: 

  • Excuse me, where is the nearest loo?
  • What time does the event start?
  • What’s the schedule for the event
    (Hint: It will most likely be available on the mobile event app or in the schedule)
  • Do you have a brochure for the event?
  • How far away  is the nearest bus station, train station, taxi stand or airport?
  • What’s the best and fastest Wifi and, most importantly, what’s the Wifi password? 

Want to earn some brownie points with your attendees? Answer this question with yes and you’ll make friends for the entire event. 

Uhm, do you have charging cables for my iPhone? I forgot mine at home.

Follow The Etiquette & Keep Your Smile (we know it’s stressful)

When running your event registration table, always follow a certain desk etiquette:

  • Be nice.
  • Smile
  • Don’t use chewing gum
  • Be prepared
  • Know where things are
  • Look people in the eyes
  • and so on….

Even if you follow these simple rules of engagement, running a desk can be stressful. This is especially true when large crowds arrive in a short period of time. Always be patient, polite and welcome every guest with a smile no matter how stressed you are. 

And do not jeopardize your planning efforts.

Do You Have An Awesome On-Site Event Toolkit?

Never forget your event toolkit, it’s so crucial. 

Event Registration Table Toolkit

You should always bring a toolbox full of essentials. Think tape, scissors, staplers, markers, clips, etc. These supplies will come in handy any time you’re running an event with a registration desk.

Need some inspiration? Our friends over at Swoogo have crowdsourced a list of bare necessities from women working in events.

Always make sure you bring extra lanyards and badges. These can be a godsend, no matter if you’re running on-site badge printing equipment or not.

Despite Being Stressed, Mingle & Network With Your Attendees

Running the registration desk is hard work. But even then, it’s crucial for you to stay calm and mingle with attendees, especially during quiet periods.

Share your knowledge, be generously helpful, network or simply guide traffic to the event registration table to help attendees get answers to their questions.

Always have printed brochures & business cards at hand. Use the event app to send a chat requests to attendees and meet for a quick coffee or tea.

Event apps, by the way, are a great way to connect with people. They will allow you to send push notifications and therefore also allow you to inform attendees that they can contact your desk for any questions or inquiries.

Stay Open & Be Present
Depending on the type of event, people are going to wander around the registration desk. And this can happen at any time. Hence, always make sure someone is manning the table.

If in doubt, work with an experienced on-site team who runs the desk for you.

Have Clear Signage

Wanna get noticed at an event? Or stand out during a huge exhibition? Having clear signage is key.

Good event signage can help with guiding the attendees to the desk in case they have issues, need to register or have any other questions.

Use bold and clear fonts. Be clear with the brand name. Simply writing ‘ Event Registration Desk’, ‘Help Desk’ or ‘Get Help Here’ will make it obvious.

Train Your Staff & Provide Important Information

As the event date gets closer, you need to focus on educating the registration desk staff and providing them with relevant information or a training manual. A good manual covers all the vital elements, from delegate lists, to speaker information, exhibitor contacts, and tech / AV related information.

Staff should always be equipped with a list of important phone numbers and contact persons to reach out to. This is especially important in emergency situations

Also, keep a cheat sheet ready at all times so that to staff can refer to any points if necessary.

Be a Little Bold With Your Event Registration Table Design

self check-in for a smooth registration processFirst impressions last for long! 

You have the choice to  keep it classic and simple or being a little bold and adding new concepts or ideas.

Get creative! Unique tables often attract a majority of traffic and get immense overage on social media

You can also design and choose multiple display options for the desk like standees, backdrops, table standees and many more. 

Make it attractive and interactive with perfect positioning of the handouts and displays articles.


Even though the event industry is going digital, people still require human assistance if they have any issues. The registration desk and the staff running it can be an amazing first place for answers

Make sure you have enough manpower, always brief the on-site crew, have a smile and use technology to your advantage.

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