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7 Surprising Benefits Of Onsite Event Badge Printing

Is event badge printing causing you more anxiety than swimming in the open ocean with no land in sight? 

Are you tired of being tired from those long nights of printing, fiddling and re-printing again as you spot mistakes?

You’re running events and you need your energy for more important things in life. 

The good news, with onsite badge printing you have a viable alternative.

In this post, we’ll explore the key benefits of onsite event badge printing and why you need to get started with it. ASAP!


1. Onsite Event Badge Printing Gives You Flexibility

Imagine this for one second.

As attendees walk up to your registration desk or check-in terminal, they can check their details themselves. They can scan their ticket, confirm their name or give you the go-ahead before hitting that “Print Badge” button.

Less than 20 seconds later, they receive their freshly printed badge hot off the press.

No more handwritten or misspelled badges!

Heck, they could even register on the spot.

You can get super creative. 

Maybe you’d like to add that extra touch.

How about VIPs get a different badge, in a different color or design?

Or maybe add a profile picture?

Adding the agenda to the back of the badge? Not-a-problem, Sir!

How about scaling the fonts automatically so you can make sure every name fits? 

Yes, that works as well.

You can see that onsite event badge printing gives you a ton of flexibility. 

Ultimately, this will help you create a much better attendee experience and you’ll look so professional.

But there is more…

2. Onsite Badge Printing Is More Sustainable

Zero-waste policies are everywhere, especially in our industry.

In a time where the oceans nearly have as much plastic in them that fish, avoiding waste is probably a good thing, agreed?

But then think about how much paper you can waste pre-printing badges and then realizing they have the wrong information on it or just don’t look great?

Or those pre-printed badges that never get picked up because people simply don’t show up. Remember those? Well, this could all be a part of history.

When printing event badges onsite, you’re not wasting anything. You’re printing only what’s needed and for those who are actually there.

Printing badges onsite simply makes more sense and you’ll get brownie points for thinking ‘green’.

Pro Tip: You can replace those plastic pouches with biodegradable badges and still pre-print them onsite.

Next up, a really important one! 

3. It Reduces Your Queue Times

Ditch those pre-printed badge trays.

Unless you run ComicCon, no one likes to wait in line to collect their badges. 

Not you, not me, not anyone, right?

With better onsite technology available, you can print-on-demand badges in seconds. 

To be precise, it probably takes more time to take and upload a selfie to Instagram than to print a badge. 

Using advanced check-in practices & kiosks check-in you can accelerate the registration process at the event venue even further.

This will make your attendees happy, I promise!

4. It’s also Budget-Friendly

By combining self-check-in kiosks with staffed registration desks, you can cut your onsite costs in half. 

No longer do you need to pay for shipping & postage to get those pre-printed badge templates delivered to your location.

Furthermore, by working with an event registration partner who already integrates with your on-site event badge printing solution you can save on software and integration costs.

Clever? Clever!

5. It can Seriously Lower Your Stress Levels

Let’s face it, pre-printing badges is time-consuming, it’s stressful, and it sucks.

Fiddling the name cards into way too tiny badge holders, getting the printer to print as you actually want. 

“Oh no, that name doesn’t fit there!”

“Great, the printer ran out of color!”

“Darn it, the name is spelled wrong. Let’s do it again.”

“Quick. Time is running out. It’s already late.”

Your Cortisol levels are spiking, you’re tired & you’re stressed.

As an event professional you can really go without stress. 

Opt-in for onsite event badge printing solution. It will be a time savior and will also guarantee a smooth check-in experience.

But there’s more…

6. Heck, you can even integrate Technology 

Smart badges allow you to track attendee behavior. 

You can get a real-time report of who’s checked in and who might still be coming simply by integrating a chip into the event badge. 

You can even check demographics or use badges to check people into sessions.

This helps in tackling the unresolved mystery of improving attendee engagement.

Last, but not least, let’s talk about event data.

7. And it’s an opportunity For You To Innovate

The events business is getting more and more competitive. 

Only if you think out of the box, deliver more value and create better experiences for your attendees you can set yourself apart.

Onsite event badge printing is innovative, fast & quick. 

You’re providing a better service, less queuing times and have more data points to take your event to the next level.


The onsite experience is what really counts. 

Elevating the attendee experience & automating the traditional badge printing methods works hand-in-hand.  

Printing your badges on-demand has multiple benefits:

  • A Better Attendee Experience
  • Faster Check-In Times
  • More Sustainability
  • Saved Costs
  • More Innovation

Leveraging the technology with the attendee’s interests in mind is a smart way to go about it.

Our team at TRC Badgerite has successfully conducted 1000+ events and can provide you with on-demand badge printing and attendee tracking solutions that increase the experience. Step up your onsite game and arrange a call today.

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