get insights with attendee movement and behavior

What is TRCBLE?

Pronounced “trackable”, this Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) – powered attendance tracking system follows every attendee to every corner of your event. Then, leveraging the power of big data, we transform these numbers into real-time actionable insights that enable event planners to discover trends, understand their audience, and make more informed decisions faster

The most advanced attendance tracking solution on the market, offering...

TouchPoint dashboard provides insights to attendee behavior and event traffic
Bluetooth beacons attached to
lanyards or badges

unmatched behavioral data – get a 360°- view
of your event or take a deep dive

predictive analytics – make quick, reliable decisions
based on real-time data

individual-level tracking – offer attendees a more personalized experience

real-time updates – give exhibitors the insights they need to meet their ROI


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